Jen Murse

A Whale of a Wedding

illustration, art direction, event design

A Whale of a Wedding

Agency: Freelance
Role: Art Director, Designer, Illustrator

I had the pleasure of acting as the Art Director for Kyla and Brent's wedding. I worked with them to create the vision including all the graphic elements and physical materials. They wanted a truly unique experience where music played an integral role since they are both DJs and great lovers of music. This musical theme wove through the entire event from the poster-style wedding invitation to the "event ticket" seating cards with an epic processional music parade in between. Their wedding was held on Orcas Island in Washington state, so the imagery of the whale was also significant. I incorporated a bit of art deco into the designs since Kyla's wedding dress was in that style and it is one of her favorite aesthetics.

For the music parade, a team of us constructed eight boomboxes out of vintage suitcases. They were outfitted with speakers and radios so they could connect to a centralized antenna to broadcast the music for the procession. The idea of community is very important to them and they wanted all of their guests to be apart of their magical moment. All 200+ wedding guests danced alongside Kyla and Brent around the grounds of the entire venue before we collectively led them to the aisle at the ceremonial site. 

Prior to the wedding, Kyla and Brent hosted a joint bachelor/bachelorette camping weekend for friends and family. This was a chance for friends and family to meet for the first time as well as allowed those who were unable to attend the wedding to still take part in their celebration. No camping trip is complete without a proper camp patch which I also designed for them.


Wedding Invitation - Printed Poster

  Photo by  Jonas Seaman

Photo by Jonas Seaman


Digital Save the Date


seating card "Tickets"

  Wedding Table Placement "Tickets"

Whale Tangram at the reception made from 193 Triangles


Boombox Suitcases - Processional Music parade

 Photos by  Jonas Seaman

Photos by Jonas Seaman


  pre-wedding Camping trip - Camp Westhall Embroidered Patches