Jen Murse

Square Capital

environmental design

Square Capital Installation

Company: Square
Role: Art Director, Designer

The office experience team wanted to use one of the many bare walls around the office to celebrate the work of a specific Square product while simultaneously highlighting some of our sellers. For this piece I worked with the team to highlight the Square Capital product which gives sellers funds to grow their business. We worked with various sellers to find out how they used their Square Capital offer and then brought that story to life in a wall art installation. It was a cross-functional effort between the office experience, sales, and legal teams.

Installation by Mike from Barker Blue.


Digital rendering of installation

 Digital rendering of the installation

Laser cut acrylic mounted with stand-offs over vinyl icons.

Laser cut wood and acrylic mounted onto sliding rails to indicate "expansion."


Tins filled with beans at different stages of roasting from green beans to full dark roast.

Laser cut acrylic cargo ship mounted on a rail to allow it to slide from region to region.