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Matters of Delight – Retail & Trade Shows

Role: Owner, Creative Director, Designer
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The formation of Matters of Delight is the result of the combination of two previous sub-brands, Plastique and Paper Trail which I created in 2009 and 2014, respectively. You can read more about the brand here. An important part of having a retail brand is showcasing it to the public at retail and trade shows. I have participated in countless shows over the years, large and small. Below is a selection of booth spaces I have designed and fabricated within the constraints low budgets and limited space for transporting the designs.


dwell on design - los angeles, ca


pooltradeshow - las vegas, nv


pooltradeshow - las vegas, nv


re:make by brit+co - San Francisco, CA


Renegade Craft Fair - los angeles, ca


Urban craft uprising - seattle, WA


close-up of table display