Jen Murse

California Donuts

Packaging, Illustration

packaging, iconography

California Donuts

Agency: Freelance
Role: Designer

California Donuts is a small donut shop in the heart of Los Angeles. The shop has been around since 1982 and has had the same logo, boxes, bags, signage, etc for years. The owners' daughter, Stephanie, has recently become much more involved in the family business in the past few years and elevated it's status from "just another donut shop" to "one of THE donut shops you must visit" according to blogs, magazines, etc. The Instagram account for California Donuts has over 400k followers who regularly snap photos of their creative donut designs as well the custom donuts they create for people and businesses. With all these newfound success and brand awareness, Stephanie knew it was time for a brand refresh without redesigning the logo which was so near and dear to her parents. She asked me to come up with a visual language that would compliment their existing logo and bring life to the the donut shop that now has such a fun presence. After coming up with the iconography set, I then redesigned all of the packaging, taking into consideration things like being able to see a good number of donuts through the cellophane window while still maintaining structural integrity. Lastly, I consulted them on how best to use the icons for vinyl door and window overlays on their newly expanded area of the shop. 

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